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We Give You Those Amazing Vocals That Separate Your Tracks From All Others!

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    When you start a vocal project at DCC Studios we provide you with an advice on the chosen vocalist based on your current track. Afterwards we provide you with top-notch lyrics and you will receive a recording conducted in a professional studio setting making sure the vocals are absolutely crystal clear. Standardly 3 revision rounds are included at each stage; writing, recording, and mixing (depending on the type of project these are either applicable or not). Upon finalization we will always send you the high quality recording file (WAV or AIFF) and all the stems so you can play around with it all.

    If you are also interested in vocal mixing, then we can do this for you for only €149 extra. And once we are at it, we can do the mastering of the full production for just €59.
* If the vocals are for a music production project (Ghost Production or Co-Creation) that customer started with DCC Studios, we give you a 7.5% discount.

** Prices start here, click on a vocalist above to see the specific prices for each individual vocalist.

*** This does NOT refer to commercials. Instead voice-over services relates to the recording of name drops, a radio show intro message, and much more equivalent activities. Price is per 30 seconds.

Why Get Our Vocal Services?

Have you ever been wondering how and where EDM/Pop producers find vocalist for their tracks? Our Vocal services help artists and musician with their music production. It adds something amazing and unique to it. We’ve outlined these irresistible benefits for your pleasure of working with us:


Fans demand new yet good music from you every now and then and it is our mission to meet that requirement. With good and constant communication, we can create and finish a project in 3 weeks.

Outstanding Pricing

For vocals that are so beautiful and professionally-created, we can say that our pricing of €500+ for writing and recording is great. To ensure that you’ll get the results you want without risking everything, we require only a 50% up-front fee.


You receive up to three revisions per stage (writing, recording, and mixing).

Structured Working Process

We make sure that everyone is on the same page and that everything is understood. Aside from our portal, our working process ensures a very smooth collaboration.

Project Files

All the project files are included absolutely for free!

The Best Vocalists

We only hire the best 2%. We really have the highest quality level.

Tailor Made

Everything we do for you is tailor made. And we ensure that every tune, melody and rhythm in the track is unique and how you want it.

Mixing & Mastering

Vocal mixing can be done against a small extra fee of €149. Mastering can be done for €59.

Ready To Be Surprised?

Here's How The Process Works

Log in to our project portal to keep track of all the activities related to creating your project. You get to see where you are at the project, how much has been paid and other info. The portal also ensures that collaborating with our producers is going on nicely and effectively.

  • Once you have a project in mind, simply click on one of the buttons on this page or log in to get started. You’ll then see a form and you should fill it up. At this point, you’ll have to prepare 50% of the amount as an up-front fee.

  • Once we have your specifications and the up-front fee, we will review the project and assign it to the vocalist. If the vocalists is not available at the moment or cannot finish the project before the deadline we will immediately inform you about this. When filling up the form you also have the possibility to fill up a second preference for a vocalist.

  • The vocalist is going to write the lyrics. Once this is done the lyrics will be send over to you for approval. In some cases we might record a simple version of the vocals just for reference. You are entitled to 3 revision rounds on the lyrics.

  • Now we are actually going to record the vocals. Once this is done it will be send over to you for your approval. You are entitled to 3 revision rounds regarding the recording.

  • If you also started a music production project with DCC Studios we are going to mix in the vocals for free, and master the track as a whole. If this is not case we can mix in the vocals for €149, and master the track as a whole for €59. In the event that you decide that you want both we make a great price of €199 for this.

  • The final product will then be sent to you for your approval. If you like what you hear, you will need to pay the remaining 50% and sign the master transfer in order to receive all the files.

Our Quality Standards

We are fully dedicated to each and every project and we never stop working on a project until you are satisfied.

We create unique, original and personal projects and provide you with the finest personal service.

We handle you and your projects with trust, honesty, commitment and utmost discretion.

We always listen to your feedback, take them to heart and work our magic on them.

We foster an environment where your individual aspirations are fulfilled.

We build strong relationships to guarantee the best result.

We deliver quality tracks based on your wishes and requirements.

We continuously learn, evolve, innovate and grow.

Make Your Track Amazing