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Why Ghost Production?

In between performing at special parties and occasions a DJ has to actively network, create content, engage in social media activities, and arrange deals with industry professionals and other DJs. Above all the main job of a DJ is to make the crowd have an amazing time.

In between all these, a world-famous DJ must continue creating new music and must be able to offer something new to his fans every once in a while. Therefore, a DJ must consistently feed the audience’s hunger for good and awesome music. The amount of work that a DJ is expected to do has significantly improved, an amount of time which one person would simply not have. That is why we come in the picture. Check out The Ultimate Guide to Ghost Production to get know everything about Ghost Production.

Ghost producing has become acceptable, if not the norm. With ghost production, we help supplement what DJs may lack in time, skills or knowledge to make top-notch music and give them a free hand.

Unfortunately learning all production skills that are needed to become a producer who stands out from the crowd takes an enormous amount of time, money and knowledge. When one has developed a skill set, it still takes an incredible amount of time to succeed in the studio. Most people don’t have that time, they are too busy with developing their artist profile, have a second job, have a family, go to school or they simply need some help.

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  • What Is Ghost Production?

    Ghost Production is the process in which a producer creates a music production for a certain DJ without being credited for this creation. The track will be released under the DJ’s name.

    We have a team of highly professional and expert edm ghost producers who can create music for you and under your name. For only €899, you will get a tailor-made Ghost Production that represents who you are and what your audience clamors for. And for €749 we create a tailor-made bootleg or remix for you.

    Click here to read " The Ultimate Guide to Ghost Production ".
*The standard ghost production service. **Standard ghost production service + 1 hour of consulting. *** Production plus service with one of our 5 best composers and custom vocals

Why Get Our Ghost Production Services?

Our Ghost Productions help DJs with their music production so they can grow their artist profile, get more gigs, continue breaking the charts and grow their name and demand in the music industry. We’ve outlined these irresistible benefits for your pleasure of working with us:

No Production Skills?

Learning production skills and mastering them takes time, and we can understand if you don’t have it yet. But don’t worry! Simply perform in your gigs and attend parties while we quietly make music.


Fans demand new yet good music from you every now and then and it is our mission to meet that requirement. With good and constant communication, we can create and finish a project in 3 weeks.

Outstanding Pricing

For music that’s so beautiful and professionally-created, we can say that our pricing of €749 is great. To ensure that you’ll get the results you want without risking everything, we require only a 30% up-front fee.

Structured Working Process

We make sure that everyone is on the same page and that everything is understood. Aside from our portal, our working process ensures a very smooth collaboration.

Project Files

Project files are included against a small additional fee of €49. The MP3, WAV and uncompressed stems, as well as MIDI files are always included.

Experienced Producers

We have a team of music/ghost producers who went through our rigorous selection process, with a hiring rate of only 2%!

Utmost Discretion

Our Non-disclosure Agreement ensures utmost discretion from our side.

Mixing & Mastering

Mixing and Mastering is included in all ghost production projects.

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How to get started

Here's How To Get Started

Log in to our project portal to keep track of all the activities related to creating your project. You get to see where you are at the project, how much has been paid and other info. The portal also ensures that collaborating with our producers is going on nicely and effectively.

  • Once you have a project in mind, simply click on one of the buttons on this page or log in to get started. You’ll then see a form and you should fill it up. At this point, you’ll have to prepare 30% of the amount as an up-front fee.

  • Once we have your specifications and the up-front fee, we will review the project and assign it to the best and most suitable producer.

  • The producer creates three demos for you. Once you’ve heard the demos, you can now choose from the following options:

    A. Approve and continue working with one of the demos. An additional 30% has to be paid as part of the development.
    B. Continue, but require some new demos. This can only happen though if some sort of miscommunication happened along the way.
    C. Stop the project. If for whatever reason you want to stop the project (which hopefully will never happen), that is possible and we wont ask for anything more.

  • Concept development phase: the producer will work on the approved demo. We create numerous versions of the track until you are completely happy with it. Of course you can give us feedback at all times.

  • Mix down/mastering phase. All the elements of the track will be applied for professional mixing and mastering.

  • The final product will then be sent to you for your approval. If you like what you hear, you will need to pay the remaining 40% and sign the master transfer in order to receive all the files.

Our Quality Standards

We are fully dedicated to each and every project and we never stop working on a project until you are satisfied.

We create unique, original and personal projects and provide you with the finest personal service.

We handle you and your projects with trust, honesty, commitment and utmost discretion.

We always listen to your feedback, take them to heart and work our magic on them.

We foster an environment where your individual aspirations are fulfilled.

We build strong relationships to guarantee the best result.

We deliver quality tracks based on your wishes and requirements.

We continuously learn, evolve, innovate and grow.

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