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Why Professional Audio Mixing

Creating beautiful music goes through quite a meticulous process. First, you must have a concept to work with. In your brain and ears, you know exactly how you’re music is going to sound like. But to make this concept come to a reality, you need to know about audio mixing.

Mixing in audio production is the process wherein you piece together all the elements, from the dynamics to the signals, to the pitches to the effects, in order to come up with a creative piece that sounds professionally-made. If mixing does not go well, the finished product will sound off, out-of-tune or simply unappealing to listen to.

Why Professional Audio Mastering

A track that is not mastered will come off with subpar standard in the radio, music player and on events, something that you don’t want as label or artist to happen. The mastering process is the last process in the music production process that provides your track utmost quality, professional tone and loudness. Mastering ensures that your track is pleasant to listen to, stands out and is release and radio ready!


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  • What Can Engineers Do That I Can't?

    An audio engineer is a person that is highly knowledgeable on the technical aspects of sound design and music production, and is concerned with the recording, manipulation, mixing and reproduction of sounds.

    Often producers lack an understanding of the theoretical aspect of sound design, and for exactly that reason mixing doesn’t feel professional, solid or varies greatly between sound systems. An audio engineer makes sure that these problems are solved.



We take pride in professionally mixing and mastering tracks even in tight time pressure. We can finish a mastering project within a week.

Time Savings

Save a lot of time and it only takes you about 5 minutes to start a new project, and use that time for something you excel in.

Professional Sound

We will weave our mixing and mastering expertise on your track so that it sounds like the pros and is pleasant to listen too.

Club and Release Ready

Your professional-sounding tracks will be club and release-ready to rock the dance floor and to make the crowd go crazy.

All The Files That You Need

You receive the WAV and MP3 together with all the uncompressed stems in WAV and all the midi files.

Competitive Pricing

Our professional mixing and mastering services start at €49

How to get started with Audio Engineering

Here's how to get started

Simply head over to the project management portal to get started. Here you will see all the details pertaining to the project and ensures that you and the producer are in the same page.

  • Once you are logged on, go to “Projects->Start A New Project” to start a new project, or just simply click on the button below. Fill up the form with all the necessary information and pay a 50% up-front fee so we can get started.

  • When we have received all the information and the pre-payment, we will review the project and assign it to the best audio engineer. Our audio engineer will then lend his expertise and skills in mixing and/or mastering your track.

  • The engineer will send the first version of the track, which the client will comment on. The audio engineer will work with your feedback in mind and provide you with a new version.

  • Once the project is finished and the client is satisfied with the final version, the client will need to pay the remaining 50% of the payment in order to receive the files.

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