EDM Sales Representatives

What are we looking for?

If you think you can get record companies, artists and DJs to sign up for our services, we have outlined a great compensation structure to repay your efforts. We provide a lucrative earning platform for the marketing savvy by being our Sales Representative.

As a sales representative, you are being paid to chill, connect and encourage artists, DJs and record labels to create beautiful music by getting our services. This job is a lot of fun and has a lot of benefits too!

To know more about becoming our sales representative as well as guidelines and policies, how it works and how cool it is to be part of our family, go to this page or see our brochure. Got a question? Send us an email right away! Click here to download the brochure!


Earn Lucrative Commissions

Get the opportunity to earn as much as 10% from each order placed by your client.

Your Own Place and Time

We don’t dictate your working hours military-style. You can even work in your pajamas if you like.

Plus Bonuses

You are entitled for a bonus of €75 for every 5 clients who decide to work with us.

Paid Upon 10th Order

You are paid upon the client’s tenth order.

Become a Part of The Team!


As a sales representative, you can get significant amounts of commission from each successful order by each of your clients. Commission structure per client:


How Does It Work?

When you are accepted as a sales representative for DCC Studios the process will be as following:

  • Find and get clients from your area and get them to sign up for one or more of our services.

  • Once your clients agrees that getting our services will help him save ample amounts of time and money, and boost his career dramatically, you should send us a mail with all his details.

  • Clients themselves register and order as if they are a regular customer.

  • DCC Studios processes and reviews all the projects of your client. You just sit back, relax and enjoy.

  • We will send you a monthly overview of your performance, how many clients you got and the computation of your commissions and bonuses. You have one week to look at the overview and comment if necessary.

  • After reception on an invoice DCC Studios will pay the commission.

How To Apply?

Ready to rock your client’s career and getting a lot of money from it? Here’s how to apply as our sales representative:

  • Click on the button below, fill the form in and submit it.

  • We will review your application and shoot you an offer.

Ready To Apply?